OXIA Group

Based in Paris, Tunis, Algiers, Tripoli (Libya)  and Dubai, OXIA is a leading consulting and  IT solutions company in the EMEA region (Europe Middle East & Africa).
Since 1998, OXIA is providing state of the art solutions helping customers and partners achieving faster innovation, international reach in Africa and the Middle East, and operational performance leveraging outsourcing and global delivery models.
With its 250 consultants, OXIA has performed successful projects in more than 20 countries in Africa and the Middle East, a region in which energy and environment issues are of strategic opportunity.
OXIA is a founding member of a Tunisian Smart Grid Cluster, bringing together the national energy utility company, top public laboratories and local ICT private companies to develop innovative collaborative projects and international partnerships with European counterparts.

Projects examples:
- Smart Grid / renewable energy demonstrator.
- Smart Grid data integration in the Cloud.
- 2G/3G QoS measurement platform for M2M applications.
- PLC modem for Smart Grid applications.
- Smart Home applications platform.
- Smart Lighting and Smart Metering pilot projects using a PLC technology.





OXIA Group
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